It was our first wedding in Baler, Aurora. Hopefully it won’t be the last but just the beginning of more weddings for us! Special thanks to our dear couple, TJ and Juliette for giving us the opportunity to film their special day and showcase the beauty of Costa Pacifica.

TJ and Juliette chose a sunrise wedding because, as he puts it into words, it is a fulfilment of God’s promise and it symbolizes a new start of their entire life. It was indeed a beautiful day to get married, beyond the lush forest of Sierra Madre, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The sun, the sea, the view, everything was perfect and turned out as planned. With families and very close friends gathered early morning to witness their exchanging of vows, it was a certainly a dream come true for the couple.

Costa Pacifica Baler, Aurora
Photography: Imagination
OTD: WhiteKraft Event

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