Omni Hotel
Julia Morgan Ballroom
Merchants Exchange Building
San Francisco, California

My wife and I felt so excited upon meeting PBA player from Talk n’ text Harvey Carey personally for the contract signing, on her birthday! What a nice gift!

It is our very first international shoot, San Francisco, USA at that, with our very first celebrity client!
Shooting internationally was not an easy task considering the logistics but our lovely couple, even the bride’s mother made sure that everything will easy for us. Their kindness helped ease the nervousness we felt knowing that we are shooting a celebrity in a foreign land, miles away from home.

The celebration was very private, with only close friends and relatives of the couple witnessing their union, officiated by the couple’s close friend, a former PBA player, Mr. Rob Johnson. It was joyful, thanks to Rob’s humor but was very heartfelt especially Harvey & Ember’s vows.

Special thanks to our PVM friends from the Bay Area, Kiko & Joel for all the help! Things would’ve been so hard if it weren’t for you guys!

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