I am a typical employee during weekdays (except when there are events in my calendar!) and a husband/father of two/wedding videographer (most of the time) on weekends.

My passion in videography started from doing slideshow presentations to watching onsite videos of the great Jason Magbanua. My first project was my own wedding video.

Having attended workshops conducted by the great Jason Magbanua and Mayad Studios helped me discover techniques on how to enhance my shooting. And working with the remarkable teams of again, Jason Magbanua, Mayad Studios, Cinemaworks and Blacktie Project is an advantage to further enrich what I love to do best, everytime…I was trained by the best!

Our goal is to present to our couples the finest video that they can claim uniquely their own. Equipped with the complete set of tools and a creative mind, we capture every moment and present them to you in an artistic way that is worth watching…a love story worth remembering even if you turn old and grey.